Track Dogs

A quality track dog is a rare find. Reason being it takes time and hard work to make a track dog. If you're looking to buy a pup you need to look hard at the breeding program and the degree of success that particular programs have had producing the type dog you want. THAT IS THE BOTTOM LINE. You don't want to hook a VW to a 40ft trailer loaded with cows and expect to pull it off. King's Kelpies are the type of stock dogs to handle the tough jobs.

If a trained dog is what you have in mind here are some characteristics to look for in a track dog. You need a dog that is strong, tough and aggressive, with a body type that can endure lots of running. Short hair is another plus when dealing with hotter areas in the country. King likes a medium size dog because they are easier to handle. A good track dog needs to be trainable and have the right mind set to take harsh and rigorous training. More specifically a dog must be able to take pressure from man as well as stock.

Bite makes up about 5% of a track dog but if you find yourself without bite in your dog it is about 95% of your problem. A dog that bites can move stock. King likes a dog with head bite, for control and domination and heel bite for motivation or movement. A straight heel dog will fail on a track if they have to fight the head to get the stock moving. A straight heel dog does not have the power a head dog had. A sheep or goat with a little fight in them in a track setting can face up on a heel dog and then the run has stopped. If a dog is a straight head dog you may not get the fast run you want that's why a dog that both heads and heels is preferred.
At Larry's training facility in Huntsville, Texas he has Kelpie pups for sale at all times, producing 6-8 track dogs per year. The Kings will host two track dog clinics a year. Spring and Fall geared for handlers and their dogs. If you would like to attend please give us a call at 936-291-2060 and e-mail us at He will also give group or private lessons. Remember it's not too late to have a quality track dog.

Good Exercise Program + Good Feed Program = The Winning Edge

What a track dog can do for your sheep and/or goat...

There are mandy advantages to using a dog in your exercise program. A sheep or goat that is fed properly will need a good exercise program to help better their physical condition.

By exercising your sheep or goat with a dog, you will be able to take your program to the next level. For many, the next level is one that produces champions. We all know that to win you must first have good genetics, a good feed program and your animal must be physically fit and ready to show.

To better prepare your sheep or goat for the show ring your exercise program will help you manage the fat on your animal, minimize the fat over the rib, the animal will be firmer to the touch and will become more tolerant of stress, making them strong and durable in the ring.

Exercise is the key in a successful market sheep or goat operation. There is no substitute for a good exercise and feed program.

Living proof that exercise programs with dog power work to produce winners:

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Mike Kelly

Herd Design
Midway, Texas

Bret Bull
Kingville, Texas

L&L Farms
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Halletsville, Texas