Australian Kelpies
Strong Tough Dependable

The Kelpie breed was brought to the United States in the early 1900’s to work sheep and later used in the cattle industry. Kelpies descended from the British “working collie” with a strong influence from the Australian Dingo thus creating a very versatile stock dog. Australia or the “Outback” as many people refer to it today, has a harsh, dry climate much like the Southern United States. The Kelpie shines bright in the hot, humid regions like those here in Texas.

Kelpies are medium size with a great deal of bone structure and muscle, and are generally very lean. A combination of strong structure, muscle and leanness provide for a very agile dog. Most Kelpies have short hair coats which help keep them cool and endure hot summers and hard work.

The desire to work is an extremely unique characteristic of the Kelpie. They are constantly ready and willing to help the cowboys and rancher. They can and will go where man and horse cannot to retrieve their livestock.

The Kelpie has great herding and gathering skills which are very useful on the ranch or in more refined situations such as feedlots or sale barns. However, the most desirable quality of the Kelpie is their desire and ability to head or stop livestock. “Heading” the herd will help gentle the cattle and make them much more manageable as the develop a respect for the Kelpie. A trained and respected cowdog can save you time, money and reduce stress on cattle and make them easier to handle. These are but a few reasons why I use the Australian Kelpie.
Kelpies on Brahman Cattle
SIRE: Hill's Doc
SIRE: Buchanan US Roy
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Doss-Tex Sid


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DAM: Elenglade Kelly

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DAM: Buchanan US Tara
DAM: Hamersley's Holey Terror
Buchanan US Mercy

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SIRE: Buchanan US Otis
DAM: Buchanan US Sheila
X Oakie

DAM: Mercy
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